5 stars: 7: 4 stars: 2: 3 stars: 0: 2 stars: 0: 1 star: 0: Write a review. Discover Blondor permanent liquid hair toner from Wella Professionals. This therapy works on the concept of infusing the strands with a Molecular hair Refiller or otherwise, the hair fiber is reconstructed at a molecular level. Color: Wella Color Charm Toner T28 Natural Blonde Change. I've used it on and off for (I think) over 10 years. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Wella System Professional (SP) Liquid hair treatment review Published on March 17, 2015 February 27, 2016 by rebeccasblog This is a bit different for me so I’ll just give you a … LIQUID. This review is for the new formula and packaging. ... Wella #REVIEW #INFLUENSTER #T18 #WELLA. WELLA COLOR CHARM PERMANENT TONER SHADES ARE AVAILABLE IN LIQUID FOR QUICK AND EASY BOTTLE APPLICATIONS. If you have bleached hair and want to change your hair’s tone or correct unwanted yellow or orange tones, the Wella Color Charm Permanent Liquid Hair Toner is perfect for you. Get Toned With Wella Color Charm There is so much more to blonde hair than just blonde. It comes in a 100ml glass bottle with a pipette to apply. The extra mild formulation is ideal for creating delicate shades of blonde like platinum … The RRP is £42.50, ouch I know. However, this product is a complete game changer it’s like nothing I have come across in my career so I felt I needed to share this with you. Formulated with hydrolyzed keratin and amino acids repair your hair at all, both indoor and outdoor levels, to strengthen and moisturize in depth. ... Now more than ever it’s important to take a moment for ourselves. See 25 member reviews and photos. Naturally black or dark brown hair tends to develop reddish-orange tones when bleached blonde. This is what wella claims …. Styling Aids Wella Hair Styling Product Reviews, Best Hairspray, Top Wella Dry Shampoo, Hair Gel, Hair Mousse, Thermal Hair Spray Count on Wella hair styling product reviews for the straight scoop about top Wella dry shampoo and other innovative hair care products. Review: Wella SP Liquid Hair Treatment at 99 Percent Hair Studio By Beautifulbuns So it’s been a while – I’ve been off Tokyo trippin’ (literally, there’s so much walking I did that I tripped over my own feet several times, and also over my shopping bags heh). Result? Strengthens damaged hair, reduces further breakage. The definitive treatment to repair, nourish and protect your hair. Beige. Write a review. ( Log Out /  No one has asked a question yet! The thermo activated formula refills the hair from the inside out. The difference in her hair was obvious strait away, the comb went through easily and when her hair was dry is was soft shiny and bouncy, nothing like her hair before. All positive reviews › Rose. Read genuine and unbiased product reviews from our customers. I'm dying to find it or anything that can replace it. However you get 100ml of product and it stays in your hair for up to five washes so one bottle should last you a very very long time! i was suffering from severe hair loss then and it worked great for me. Of course, I freaked because it was Wella, I could only think of Farah Fawcett....anyway.....I bought it on my stylist's recommendation and boy was I glad. Wella Professionals Care SP Liquid Hair 100ml Customer Reviews from lookfantastic International. Dan heb jij Liquid Hair van Wella SP nog niet geprobeerd! I first decided to use this on a member of staff who’s hair was fine, dry and lacking any vitality, I cleansed her hair twice with the SP repair shampoo, towel dried it and applied roughly about two pipettes to the whole head section by section, I then dried her hair with the dryer on full heat for five minutes and rinsed for about ten seconds just to get rid of any excess product. See All Buying Options. They claim they changed it so it's all PPD free & more healthy for the hair, but that's just not so. Coty bought P&G a few yrs ago & I've gone through about 6 reps since they took over. I tried this because it was on sale for 50% off. Wella SP Liquid hair contains conditioning agents that penetrate deep inside the hair and protect hair from environmental influences. + Ask a question . This is the only product I use on my slightly fine/porous/wavy hair. Yes, sometimes the color of the liquid looks different or darker - again, where stored and the heat level, but always get the same results. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Dry, damaged Be the first! Overall score of 4.8 out of 5 stars from 9 customer reviews in 2 languages . Create long-lasting color with Wella Color Charm Liquid Permanent Hair Color. Als jij alles al hebt geprobeerd om haar uitval tegen te gaan, en niks lijkt te werken. They just want to make money & to me, the repuation of WELLA is lost forever.